(Contribute to a CORONAPATCH, ask more info to  and/or if you need a translation of the proposition here below)


Bonjour Madame, Monsieur,


Nous espérons que vous vous portez bien et que la situation très particulière que nous vivons en ce moment ne vous pèse pas trop.


Une de nos clientes, Nathalie, nous a donné une idée d’ouvrage et de lien à distance entre patcheuses (patcheurs).

Pour celles et ceux qui en ont envie et/ou qui trouvent le temps long à la maison ou encore qui aimeraient exprimer leur sentiment par rapport à notre situation actuelle, nous proposons de confectionner un petit patchwork (30x30 cf pièce jointe). Toutes ces œuvres seront ensuite rassemblées à PATJO, reliées et suspendues en évidence. Cela nous permettra de garder un lien même lorsque tout sera (presque) "redevenu comme avant"...


Nous vous donnons un peu plus d’informations en pièce jointe, pour celles et ceux qui aimeraient participer et en nous réjouissant de partager nos oeuvres, devenues un CORONAPATCH.


Claudine Schmutz Josée Sauter


Zone de Texte: Given the present situation with the coronavirus and to contribute to slow down the spread, as recommended by the Federal Council, we think we should contribute to limit persons' "mobility" by closing temporarily the shop. It is now compulsory following the measures from the Vaud council, until April 30.

We can ensure proper distance in between customers and personnel, and following these official measures, we can have customers on demand, which we ask you to do via email. We will make sure we have only one client at a time. Since patchwork remains a good and safe activity to perform at home...

Take care of yourself, your families and neighbours.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best in this difficult time,

Claudine Schmutz et Josée Sauter


Since you like colours and I can contribute easier with math curves than patchworks, you will find some data related to the coronavirus at www.patjo.ch/coronavirus ,


Olivier Sauter



PATJO was started in 2004 and since then has been proposing fabrics and accessories for making patchworks, quilts, cushions, boards, advent calendars, etc. Presently there is a choice of over 1'500 different cotton fabrics (traditional, batik, flowered and novelty prints and many more)


There is also a gift shop where well made handcrafted items are proposed.


PATJO organizes many quilt classes for beginners as well as for advanced quilters.




+46° 35' 14.00"N, 6° 36' 14.00"E (46.5872N, 6.6039E)

PATJO as viewed from satellites




IMG_2703_exCadeaux IMG_2700_exCadeaux IMG_2722_exCadeaux IMG_2718_exCadeaux IMG_2719_exCadeaux IMG_2697_Poteries  IMG_5122_cadeaux



Gift Boutique as shown above

For lovely small and large gifts, to bring a surprise to your host, for an anniversary, a birthday or just a small surprise....


IMG_2709_exTissus    IMG_2720_exTissus  IMG_5120_magasin

exemple_tissus2 SquareDance_733 exemple_tissus6 exemple_tissus7

Patchwork Boutique as shown above

Fabrics, accessories for patchwork, books, etc.

IMG_2708_salleCours  IMG_2717_salleCours



In addition :

Authorized vendor for BERNINA

Checking and repairing of any brand sewing machine



We offer:

- More than 1500 cotton fabrics with unbeatable prices


- All you need to enjoy quilt making, like a large variety of colorful threads, bias tapes and other sewing accessories


- A wide variety of quilt courses, including classes in English


- A wide variety of gift articles


- You can also test the latest Bernina machines at the boutique



"Bank/holidays" until Summer 2020:


Covid-19:        closed until April 30, 1 customer at a time through email request

Ascension:       closed from Wednesday May 20 at 12h until Tuesday May 26 at 9h

Summer break:  closed from Friday July 3 at 17h until Tuesday Aug. 11 at 9h





Shopping hours (after the end of the restrictions)


Tuesday-Wednesday:                9h-12h and 14h-18h

Thursday:                             14h-18h

Friday :                               9h-12h and 14h-17h

Saturday, closed except the following Saturdays:


Saturdays opened until Summer 2020:

        May 9 (9h-12h and 14h-16h)

        June 6 (9h-12h)


At Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, in Switzerland



                             Josée and Olivier Sauter, Claudine Schmutz